Periodontal Care

Periodontics in San Fernando

At the office of Alan Baker, DDS we perform a wide variety of oral surgeries that help our patients enjoy healthier smiles. Whether pre-dental implants bone grafting is necessary or you require a deep cleaning to address periodontal disease, our services can address a number of complex issues. We work with an in-office specialist, so you won’t have to worry about referrals and long waits between appointments.

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Oral Surgery and Specialty Dental Services

The health of your gums, jawbone, and supporting ligaments are all essential to maintaining your overall wellbeing. During thorough examinations, our specialists are able to pinpoint particular issues that affect these structures, such as inflammation and symptoms of gum disease. Our treatment plans cover all aspects of periodontal work to improve your dental health. 

The treatment plan we outline for your care takes your comfort and goals into full consideration. The services we provide with help from our in-office specialist and state-of-the-art facility include:

Root Scaling and Planing
Gum Disease Treatment
Gum and bone grafts
Dental Implant Preparation and Placement
Crown Lengthening

We work with patients to help them achieve healthier smiles. While current dental issues may not be apparent to the naked eye, it’s important to seek professional attention if you are experiencing severe oral discomfort or feel that your smile could be improved. With our extensive experience in intricate oral surgery and periodontal procedures, we are prepared to meet your needs.

Bone Loss and Your Candidacy for Dental Implants

Preparatory procedures to support implant success are just one of the many ways our team can rebuild your smile. In an ideal situation, a patient who has lost teeth after infection or trauma would seek immediate treatment with dental implants. This prevents the shifting of surrounding teeth and maintains the strength of the jawbone. But without implant teeth replacement, the jaw structure is lost and can impact your facial aesthetics, leaving you with a prematurely aged appearance.

Services such as bone grafting, ridge augmentation, and sinus lifts are necessary to make the jawbone healthy enough to receive implants. Dr. Baker’s specialty office provides these treatments to ensure your smile is strong and that implant teeth replacement is long-lasting. 

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While prevention can help maintain lasting dental health, we understand some dental complications are unavoidable and require compassionate care. At San Fernando Dental Care our highly-trained staff works together with patients to help them overcome issues that either prevent them from smiling confidently or functioning fully. To schedule a consultation with our esteemed oral surgeons in San Fernando, call today!